Paper piecing tutorials

If you are looking for additional information on paper piecing, along with the gnome tutorial and the freezer paper tutorial from Rene, you can go to this page in You Can Quilt This and there is a free tutorial using Trees. It is on the second row in the middle. It is one of the tutorials I read before doing my block.

With block # 26, I had 2 difficulties during my practice block. The first was that I didn't pay attention to the fact that section 1 was for lights and section 2 was for darks. I just started sewing. This resulted in my sections not alternating from dark to light.

I solved this problem by cutting up all of my sections and separating sections 1 and 2. I sewed all four section 1's at the same time using the light fabrics of both color sets. Then, I sewed all four sections of section 2 using all the darks.

My second difficulty came with the first background of white. For some reason I was unable to get the angles just right. Finally, (after lots of seam ripping) I was able to re-cut the piece to be exactly 1/4 inch larger and I marked the right and wrong side. According to all the tutorials, the fabrics is supposed to be cut on the wrong side. Because the fabric was white, I didn't think about the right/wrong side of things, but it matters for the angles. Once I could manage the first white background piece I had little trouble with the 3rd and 4th piece.

I hope this helps those of you who, like me, had never done this before. I have since made 2 gnomes and I just love them. As soon as my camera battery is charged, I will show you them. It is such a good was to use up little scraps and create a beautiful center for a pillow, purse or an entire quilt.

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