My Blocks for René

Here is my first block for René. I knew she wanted traditional crosses and I kept thinking about the crosses I see whenever I travel in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains. So, I attempted to make my own paper-pieced pattern. I must say that I felt like I was back in math class with my pen and graph paper! I am unhappy with how wrinkly this one looks, I am blaming it on the starch because it didn't look like this when I had only pressed it and the second block doesn't have starch. It really looks better in person.

This one was my second block. I considered leaving it only 9 inches and not bordering it because I wasn't sure René would want a border like this, but then I thought, she can always undo the border. I would have tried some cream...but I didn't have enough left.
Hope you like them René :)


Mail Call...

I have received blocks from Ruth, Wanda, and Geri. The blocks are beautiful. Thank you so much :)


Another Block done

Here ya go Rene....more blocks for you!! If you want more pictures look at my blog :D
Rene's Blocks

My blocks :D



Yeah Donna I just finsihed! I will put in the mail tomorrow!



I finished it! This photo is with the paper still attached.
I really enjoyed the process and loved learning a new technique.
Can't wait to see the finished quilt!
Thanks to everyone for your advice and help. It was a great learning experience.


January Block

This was really great fun and a stunning block. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.


January Block

Here is Donna's block. I see that it needs a good pressing in this picture, but I did press it before I sent it off, although I'm sure it will need it again when she puts her blocks together. Donna, my dh just LOVED this block and I enjoyed putting it together. I think what is so fun about these Bee's is that I am trying things I don't think I would have attempted on my own. Can't wait for the next one :)



I decided I wanted Improv Cross Blocks

I collect crosses and have them all over my house…
 DSC_0672 DSC_0673 DSC_0674 DSC_0675
Those are just the ones I have have out…there are several more that I haven’t found a place for since the move.
Can you see why I am choosing cross blocks???

This is the block that I have designed…
The rough draft (very rough)
and here is my block after being drawn out in EQ6…
Cross Block
Here is my Diagram and Paper Piecing Foundations…
Designing the Block and Foundations Pieces was really fun :)
Here are my block pieces…
oops, I forgot to take pictures of all the block pieces I had after getting them sewn and cut out…there were about 22 pieces all together.
here is the back of the block after sewing the pieces together…
here it is the front (paper still on)
and here it is after removing the paper, starched and pressed (It got a little stretched from removing the paper) But over all I am very pleased. It is the 1st time I have ever designed something myself, so I am just thrilled that it came out and it looks the way I had imagined it would :)
I am going to make a few more sample blocks too :) The next ones will be a little simpler!
I hope you have as much fun designing and making the blocks as I did.

Here are a few pic of me getting the fabric ready... 
After washing...what a mess!

I will put them in the mail tomorrow :)


Round 2?

Does everyone have Donna's block finished? Are we about ready for round 2? I almost have everything ready to mail, but don't want anyone to get overwhelmed. Let me know :)