Mail Call...

I received your envelope in the mail today. Beautiful fabric choices...I have to admit I am am a little intimidated though! I think I will pull some scraps and try it before making your block...


Mailed Out Your Goodies Today

Well, 11 envelopes went out today. They may take longer than I had hoped because I realized I am the only person on the east coast! Most of you are in the mid-west or the western part of the country.

Here is my first version of the block. This (I probably shouldn't admit this...but...) was my first time foundation piecing and I did have a learning curve, but once the first 2 sections were done, it became easier.

I have some additional pictures of my organization and mailing process on my blog if any of you are interested. The cutting and organizing did take more time than I had envisioned, so keep that in mind for your month. Luckily, I had the paper items copied last week, so this week was just cutting, measuring and mailing.

I will put more specific tips/pictures of my adventure with this block next week, but here is my first foundation block # 26.
Thanks again,


Preview for my Beach Quilt

Well, here it is...block #26, Twirling Star. I will be asking everyone to leave off the circle applique just because I don't really know which color I would like it to be. I think I will have a better idea when I see all the blocks together.
In the mail within the next week, you will receive 4 sheets of foundation paper with the template already copied onto it.

A copy of the original template (never know when mistakes will happen), for those of you without the magazine.

and a copy of the instructions from the magazine.

Here are my fabrics thus far...I still need a few more so I am off to Wish Upon a Quilt today for some additional choices. The greens...

The yellow/golds...

My reds...

And my favorite...the blues! These are all from Crystal Palace.

Later in the month I will try to post a couple of pictures of the beach place so you can see why I have chosen the colors. Hopefully it will make things come together for you.
Thanks in advance for all your efforts! I am soooo excited!


Somewhere between Christmas and New Year

Happy Holidays to everyone!
I am pretty sure I am going to use block #26 from the
new edition of 100 Blocks. It is a block that uses triangles but
eventually has a circular look to it. It is named Twirling Star. I
also like block #86, Spring Blossom-but this one has more pieces, so I think the
Twirling Star is the best choice.

I am choosing red, blue, green and yellow so that it
will match my little place at the beach. I will send out the templates,
instructions and fabrics beginning Dec. 26

I hope everyone is as excited as I am.


Right Around the Corner

I sent the mailing list to Donna today!! YAY!! Let the fun begin!


Getting Closer!

I just realized that January is right around the corner! I can not wait to see what block Donna has us make and what fabrics we get to use! Donna have you gotten all that figured out yet??


Has anyone been quilting? I've been so busy, and I miss it!



100 Blocks

Have you all seen this new magazine? I think it's going in my Christmas stocking :) I thought it would be excellent inspiration for our Quilting Bee!
I was able to log on from my gmail.
Thanks : )



Ok, I give up, can someone please tell me how to get the button on my blog.


I did figure it out. Thanks Crystal!



Geri Have you found out how to use the button?



How do I get our new button?

Love having the new button on my blog! Thanks,

Paper Piecing

Rene the only paper piecing I have come across is from Ashley at Film in the Fridge. She has a paper piece for her string quilt.

Is that what you were looking for?



I haven't really thought about the blocks!! :D I am thinking I might just want anything as long as it is a 12.5" block. That would make a pretty unique quilt!




yes, I do know what my block will be! It is a paper pieced bumble bee that makes my heart sing! I would like to see them on every quilt i make. But alas, my month isn't till december! I'll post a picture anyhow soon so you can drool over it. wanda
I know what you all mean. I am kinda bummed that we have to wait until January.

Does anyone have an idea of blocks that they want?



I am excited. I don't think I can wait until January!

Hey Everyone

I think this is a wonderful idea. I'll bet before long we will all be great friends.
okay, i found it! i'm still learning my way around this flicker stuff but it is actually brain stimulating to learn something new. Maybe I should bookmark this page for easy acsess, is that the way to go about this?