Preview for my Beach Quilt

Well, here it is...block #26, Twirling Star. I will be asking everyone to leave off the circle applique just because I don't really know which color I would like it to be. I think I will have a better idea when I see all the blocks together.
In the mail within the next week, you will receive 4 sheets of foundation paper with the template already copied onto it.

A copy of the original template (never know when mistakes will happen), for those of you without the magazine.

and a copy of the instructions from the magazine.

Here are my fabrics thus far...I still need a few more so I am off to Wish Upon a Quilt today for some additional choices. The greens...

The yellow/golds...

My reds...

And my favorite...the blues! These are all from Crystal Palace.

Later in the month I will try to post a couple of pictures of the beach place so you can see why I have chosen the colors. Hopefully it will make things come together for you.
Thanks in advance for all your efforts! I am soooo excited!


  1. How exciting, we are finally going to get started!

  2. Hooray!!! I am very excited too! I love your fabric choices. I think they'll look great together.

  3. Nice color choices. This is going to be so fun~