April Blocks

It must be Spring Break because I am dreaming of the ocean and sandy beaches and warm sunshine! No beaches for us this Spring. We are visiting my sister in PA and I think it might be colder here than in Michigan!

Anyway, my theme for the month of April is the sea. I'm sending each of you 7 layer cake pieces an one 2 1/4" WOF strip from Tula Pink's Neptune line. My post in our Flickr group has some pictures and inspirations, so go check that out.

Here are the basic guidelines, though:

1. Be inpsired by the sea

2. Use the Neptune Fabric only (if you need to add one more fabric to make your vision complete, use a solid-ish white)

3. 12 1/2" pieced blocks, no applique this time

4. One or two blocks (whatever works)

5. Know right now that I will probably be thrilled with your idea and execution, so relax and have fun!!


Welcome to the Jungle!

Hey Ladies!
For my house block I pulled fabrics that I used in a jungle themed baby quilt to make a tropical retreat. It's complete with palm trees, an elephant, a lion and even paw prints in the yard!

However, I have to say that my favorite part is the monkeys in the windows! Hope you like it Aimee!



I love quilts with houses, so I am asking you to make an improved house or two. Do what you have time to do. I am sending you each an over sized fat quarter of blue fabric for you to use for the sky. If it is alright, I'm asking you to pull from your own stashes and scraps to make the house and ground. You can make the house look like your own house or a house from your imagination. Whatever. The houses can be any size/color/style you like. Put your own personality into it. Whatever blue fabric you don't use can be added to your own scraps. You can make the houses wonky or traditional or a combination. I want these houses to represent you. The blocks should be 12.5 inches. I know there are lots of house block patterns around the web if you want to use a pattern. In about 1 minute of searching I found a nice tutorial on flickr, and also a paper pieced house from block central.

These are two house blocks that I have made. (the block on the right is smaller. I accidentally trimmed it to 12 inches instead of 12.5 inches. I think I'll make it into a pillow to match the quilt.) I didn't use a pattern, I just kind of winged it. I didn't even draw it out on paper first. I just started with the door and went from there.


I'm sure you all thought I had fallen off the face of the planet, but I've just been really busy. I finally finished both of my blocks this weekend! First, Donna's:
This was my first time paper piecing and I'm glad I have learned this technique. This one was kind of tough for me! However, I'm happy with how it turned out! Now Rene's improv cross:

This was my first improv block. I had fun with this block! Hope both Donna and Rene like there blocks! I will try to send them out tomorrow!


Who's next?

I still have to actually finish Rene's blocks, but they will be in the mail SOON, but I was wondering if Aimee was next or was it me? I am going by the order on the right hand side of our blog. Someone clue me in. I feel a little scattered right now :)