Paper Piecing

Rene the only paper piecing I have come across is from Ashley at Film in the Fridge. She has a paper piece for her string quilt.

Is that what you were looking for?



  1. I will go over and check it out. I have just never paper pieced or seen it done, so i know that I will need to practice if anyone is asking for a paper pieced project...don't want to disappoint :)

  2. You and I are in the same boat, Rene. Although I am thinking I might ask for paper piecing for my round... I just have to try it out and see how hard it is before I make other people do it. :)

    I haven't tried this tutorial, but it seems to be clear:
    It's actually a modification on paper piecing that uses freezer (wax) paper. Instead of sewing through the paper, you iron the paper to the fabric and then fold it out of the way of your seams.

    Anyway, I guess we will find out together how it all works.

  3. Thanks for the link...I am headed there to watch it now!