Maybe I am worrying too much???

I am a little worried that everyone thinks block # 26 is really pretty, but a pain in the neck to do. So, I emailed the lady who placed the block in the 100 Block magazine (Nancy Mahoney). I also gave her the link to our bee site so she could see. Here is a copy of her response. She also gave me a link to a tutorial on e/howto, but the page is no longer available. I think the tutorial with the gnomes is also helpful and I know the link is good.
I hope it helps anyone who is struggling with the block.

Hi Donna,
First let me tell you how delighted I am to see the different color combinations of the Twirling Star block. I particularly like the red/white/blue version. Paper piecing isn't difficult, but can be a bit tricky at first. The hardest part for most people, is working with the paper. The fabrics are always placed on the plain, unmarked side of the paper and then the fabrics and paper are turned over so you're sewing on the paper's marked side. This is probably the reason some stars are reversed.

Another tip is to mark your colors on the paper foundation, this will help you place the fabric correctly.
Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


  1. I think you are worrying too much! Personally, I joined the quilting bee to stretch myself and I have been wanting to learn paper piecing. I don't think this is a hard paper piecing block, it's just that we are trying something new.

  2. Donna that actually helps me! I was putting the fabric on the marked side! I think it would be easier if I did it on the opposite side. That was the hardest part for me was cutting the material so that it wouldn't overlap and whatnot! PROBABLY somewhere it said to put the fabric on the unmarked side! I am probably the one making things more difficult!

    Don't worry about your block though!! I think we are all learning something new and it is tricker at the very beginning. I think it is a very pretty block and once I get the hang of it I will probably use it again! My husband really likes the block and if I ask for his advice on anything and he will probably tell me to use this block! SO PLEASE don't feel bad about picking this block! I sounded rude in my either post, and I am sorry! I was having a cranky moment and it leaked into my post. I really do like learning something new! Thanks for the challenge!

  3. I think you are worrying too much as well! I have recently been in a half square triangle rut and this has helped me realize I need to move on. Good thing I did a practice block because I did it backwards, placed my fabrics on the printed side too.

  4. Stop worrying. The block was a challenge, but only because none of us had used the technique before. I for one am a HUGE PP fan now! And all thanks to you and your #26 BLOCK...so thank you thank you thank you!

    I bet it is safe to say I will get to do a lot of things I have never done before, and that is WHY I joined a bee :)

  5. Same here! I am so glad to be learning paper piecing! I have been wanting to for a long time, but I'm afraid it would have been years before I actually tried it without you and #26. I'm so glad you chose it! Thanks for the tips from Nancy. They do help, and so did the gnome tutorial. Just like everyone else, I joined this bee to stretch myself and learn new things. It's working!!! Hooray!!!