Messed Up

 Donna, I am sorry! I precut my material that you gave me, after I made two practice blocks. They turned out fine, but I cut the material wrong! So it is all wrong. So I was wondering where I can get more material for the block. Do you think my local quilt store have some of the same fabric? I don't want you to send more because I feel bad for messing it up, it's not your fault that I did it. Anyway, I didn't know if I could take the fabric and match it up the best I can or if I need the exact. Anyway let me know. Thanks! Crystal


  1. Crystal,
    Don't worry ;)
    I am happy to send you more. I bought lots of fabric and so it is not a problem. To tell you the truth I feel bad that I chose a challenging block. My mother was terminally ill throughout the month of November and early December and therefore I was too busy to try the block ahead of time or I might have chosen something easier. I considered asking someone to switch months with me...but then, I realized that it was helping me keep my mind occupied. Normally I would have tried it first before sending it out. I can put more in the mail over the weekend.
    Pleeeease don't worry.

  2. I woukdn't feel bad about the block...I made copies of it so that I could make some for me later and I really do think I will make one later. I just tried a different stye on yours and I should have know better. So half of the star is fine, but the other half is batwards. I tried to finish it so that maybe just maybe I could salvage it, but nope. :D I am sorry about your mom! I hope you are doing okay. Working helps keep your mind off things, I understand!!! I sew to help me keep calm with my autistic children. :D But I do appreciate you sending me more fabric. :D