My Practice Twirling Star Block

Okay I really like the design, but I had a really hard time making it! I was completely confused the whole time and didn't think I did it right until the end. Does anyone have any tips that they would be willing to share? Like what size did you cut each piece of material for the blocks? I had the hardest time with that.



  1. Your practice block turned out NICE!

    I didn't cut the pieces out...I laid the fabric over the space, sewed it down ironed it down, and then cut around the spot.

  2. Crystal,
    I wrote some things on the paper piece tutorial that I went through doing mine. One of the biggest things was to make sure you cut the fabric with the pattern on the wrong side. I hope that helps.

  3. I am not an expert, have only used this technique a few times, but when I have I did not cut my fabric into small pieces, I used larger pieces of fabrics. Hope this helps.

  4. Crystal, I think you did a beautiful job in making the Twirling Star block. I'm not use to paper piecing either, as I don't do it often. I have to just refresh my self when I do it. Great job, Crystal. I think that fabric is so pretty.