Mine's done!

Donna, finally done! Wow, was this a challenge! I used my own fabric as a test and found my stars going the wrong way, so I decided I would make mine like that, but yours I turned it around. I will be sending this ouut in a few days. Sure want to see this quilt, so hurry and sew it up! Wanda


  1. Beautifully done!!!
    I'm with you, can't wait to see the quilt :)

  2. That looks beautiful!! I haven't attempted it yet, I am making more copies to make a practice one first. But I think I am getting them today so tomorrow hopefully they will be done

  3. Wanda,
    It looks beautiful. I am getting really excited to see all the blocks together! Thank you for working at it. I am starting to worry that I chose a block that was too complicated. I hope you were ok with it in the end?????

  4. Donna, the only problem I had making this block was a human error problem,mine. I kept making these beautiful triangles on the wrong sections! I won't tell you how many times I did that! I may have not cut correctly because I ran short of the white fabric, but only by one piece. So, I took a sample to my quilt shop and got the closest thing available. So, I used that white around all the edges so It would look right. But it's all good cause now I have your white pieces for one of my projects.Today I finished up my test block I started yesterday so I could have a love wolf with my other lone wolves. I eventually take them all and make a quilt top or backing with them, very scrappy which I just adore. In fact I am going to send a picture of mine to this site right now!