Assembling Tutorial

Hello ladies,

I just finished uploading all the pictures for the assembling tutorial. It is posted on my blog *Allz I'm Sewing is...* I know that the pictures may seem a little small, but for some people, the larger pictures take too long to load, so I chose the medium sized image. I hope these pictures will help. I am putting a picture here because we haven't had any lately. A few of the pictures in the tutorial may seem dark, but that is because the sun was beginning to set as I finished last night.

If you find grammatical/spelling errors in my tutorials- it will bother the school teacher in me...so please let me know : )

Happy sewing to all,


  1. Donna, thanks for all the posts, pictures, and trouble you've gone to. It has helped.
    I just want to make sure: you did cut out the pieces of the pattern and use them just like in traditional sewing patterns, right? I wanted to do it this way because it just seems easier, but I was told it wasn't the correct way to do it. Then, once all the pieces are cut, you use the foundation paper to sew them all together correctly and trim the seams?
    Thanks again,

  2. Geri,
    Yes-that is the way I did it. I found several tutorials on the web for paper piecing and so that is how I did it. I just made sure to add the seam allowances because the pattern you are using is actually the sewing pattern and therefore it does not have the 1/4" (or 1/2" on one side as I did in the pictures) on some of the sides.
    Many people just sew with a larger piece of fabric and then cut, I think it seems easier because you do not have to be so exacting, but I wanted to learn how to do it the way I read about in the tutorials.
    I have made so many of these now that they are going really fast. I can make an entire 12" block as fast as it took me to make my first section 1 & 2!
    Hope that helps,

  3. Geri,
    Here is a pdf file tutorial that mentions placing a notch on your pattern pieces to make sure the angles are correct. You may find it helpful.
    Donna : )